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Our philosophy is that we treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves. Each one of us follows our own spiritual path . For our programme of Contemplation, we suggest two places to share thoughts and feelings inside Fournet or to sit peacefully in meditation.  Perhaps a visit to Pluscarden Abbey would be appropriate ~ there are wonderful walks for meditation and Dufftown is 600 ft above sea level. The highland air is sparkling clear and the combination can lift the spirits. This programme is suggested as part of a retreat to a quieter part of the world. Fournet , however,  does not offer a total retreat from the world outside ~ which is  good if that is what you need!


Release the inner artist, writer, designer here  at Fournet or visit a

nearby potter,

Have a go

at being  and doing something different!


Like to learn to cook some of our dishes? Like to learn some real vegetarian or vegan cookery? Can you boil an egg! ~ or make an omelette? And enjoy eating what you have made afterwards.


The only limit here is your imagination!





Gentle - how about pilates,

stretching exercises, or yoga.We have full length mirrors here and a small exercise area  - and a re bounder for fun. Watch a DVD and try. a walk on Lossiemouth beach would be an idea if that appeals to you.


Otherwise there is a whole  pot pourri of things to do.

Why not have a look at our

Explore page and we  can suggest many other alternatives also ~ just tell us what you like doing.


We have space for drying clothes and boots afterwards!





For professional info on pni please click on this link

We  ourselves  offer a confidence  booster

session which is also great

fun.  We suggest  getting to know our therapy cats.

Please click on their page to see what they can  do for you.


We can offer our version of art therapy and we can listen, and share our own experiences with you ~ there is also a small library of books on varying

subjects  to dip into and give you inspiration.

Our nutrition is considered to be a therapy on its own.


Do you feel that you

need to be put back together?  

Have you lost touch with who you are?  It depends  on how much you need  help from a professional .

We might be able to arrange

that for you if you book well

in advance.

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